All American 1941X non-electric cast aluminum sterilizer has 41.5 quart liquid capacity.

It makes it possible for all doctors, dentists, first aid stations, hospitals, and laboratories to have fool-proof sterilization facilities at an extremely low cost.

Description of 1941X Sterilizer - Non Electric
  • Overall height 16 3/4"
  • Chamber dimension 14" dia x 10.5" deep
  • Chamber inner capacity (inside tray) 25.8 liters, and outer capacity (without tray) 39 liters
  • Weight 41 Lbs
  • Non-electric
  • Maximum pressure 20psi
  • Maximum temperature 259 f
  • Calibrated Gauge
  • Safety locking mechanism that prevents opening while the sterilizer is under pressure
  • Steam Release Switch
  • Heating source is needed to run this sterilizer. You may put it on a hot plate, or on a stove
Specifications of 1941X Sterilizer - Non Electric :
  • Chamber Size: 14" Diameter and 10" Deep
  • Brand New Machine
  • Manual (electronic) controlled
  • Steam Sterilizer
  • Power Supply: No electric power
  • 45 minutes cycle
  • Table Style
  • Weight: 44.00 Pounds.

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